Scientists from many countries of the world pay great attention to the problem of gambling obsession. Karen Finlay, a professor at the University of Guelph, has been studying player behavior for several years. Its main discovery is as follows: the arrangement and interior of the casino are thought through to the smallest detail in order to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort for visitors. Bright lighting, specific noise effects, shine and beauty of slot machines … after spending a long time does not fall into such an atmosphere, you involuntarily begin to feel discomfort.

For her research, Karen Finlay has created a special laboratory called Virtual Vegas. In it, together with her employees, she organized the most popular platform for gambling establishments in Las Vegas. The main goal of the project participants is to determine what motivates a person who, during the game, loses control over himself. Wisely, he understands that it is time to stop and go home, but for some reason he still does not leave and continues to lose.

In the laboratory, an atmosphere is created as close as possible to the natural environment of ground-based gaming clubs. Studies are conducted here, and their results are immediately recorded. Watching how ordinary people turn into gamblers, how they lose their sense of reality, get drawn into the process, absolutely not paying attention to what is happening around them, scientists get answers to the main questions:

How does the gaming environment affect visitors?
What happens to the human psyche when he gets to the casino?
How to influence an avid player?
Many volunteers take part in the studies. In this case, we are talking about mass. This allows you to get more objective results.

Исследование: почему азартные игроки продолжают играть

According to the observations of Karen Finlay, it is the atmosphere of the gambling establishment that has the strongest influence on the player’s behavioral factor. Everything matters here: both the color scheme, and decor elements, and the arrangement of the zone for games.

The laboratory has created two types of interior. In one of them, scientists left natural light, and each player can see what is happening outside the casino. In addition, the staff of “Virtual Vegas” built long labyrinths with slot machines.

The research results were as follows:

Where natural lighting was left, there were fountains and mini-waterfalls, plants were present, visitors felt more comfortable and confident, they did not lose their sense of reality. In such a room, players are clearly aware of all their actions, they know when they need to stop and it’s time to go home.
The player has a completely different state when he sees in front of him a whole series of brilliant machines that promise huge gains. In such an atmosphere, people experience a sense of anxiety and depression, and, most unpleasantly, a separation from reality. He is not able to control his emotions and therefore stops in most cases only when he loses everything. Tired and broken wanders home.

It is this atmosphere that forces customers to sit beside the machine without interruption and drop coin after coin or place bets on roulette. Even when the planned amount is lost, the visitor still does not stop. This is also confirmed by the Director of the Ontario Center Robert Simpson, dealing with the problem of players in the excitement. This center has donated $ 1.5 million to the University of Guelph over the past 14 years just for the simple reason that research by the University is incredibly important.

Modern casinos (especially online casinos), which value their reputation and do not want to encourage the actions of uncontrolled players, listen to the recommendations of scientists. They introduce the rules of fair and responsible game (responsible gambling). In addition, top online casinos make considerable contributions to conduct surveys and assist those people who are addicted to gambling.

The research of Karen Finlay and her laboratory staff helps make ludomania less dependent on the environment. They learn to control their actions and actions, to really evaluate reality and not to allow emotions to dominate common sense. All research results are published so that gambling owners can use these recommendations to improve the atmosphere in their gambling establishments.